About Us

The group started its journey in late ‘90s with its management consulting and training arm – the “Strategic Management Technology Consultants” (SMT). In 2004, the “Venture Lab: Business Innovation and Incubation Project” was initiated to facilitate new businesses and to provide professional support and necessary training to the entrepreneurs. In 2005, the group constituted “SMT Centre For Advanced Learning”, a public charitable educational trust and started publishing “The Resource Economist”, a bi-annual research journal. The “Global Leadership Forum” (GLF) was also formed in the same year under the aegis of the group with a mission to create a new dimension of leadership and develop a new breed of leaders integrating the ancient thoughts originated in India and modern leadership practices across the globe. The Forum has now emerged as a popular platform of the stalwarts from public sector, social sector, corporate world as well as academia. It has developed strong linkages with industry and academic institutions. GLF organizes Leadership Conferences that seeks to develop professional managers and leaders for all walks of life. The “Leadership Wisdom” of GLF is threaded with its management programs to develop leaders with global perspective in both thought and practice. It confers Global Leadership Awards to Thought & Practice Leaders. The GLF Business School was started in 2009 to act as a catalyst to the evolution of management education in 21st century. The broad activities of the group are as follows


The focus of management education over a span of nearly four decades has gradually evolved from “Administration” to “Management” and now “Leadership”. A Leader is more than Administrator or Manager. The group has a holistic view that management education should create a new breed of ‘Leader-Managers’ based on five factors: innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, strategic thinking, and value-ethics.


The group is well-known for its Training and Development programs. The institute has trained over more than 1000 public and private sector executives on issues relating to strategy / policy formulation and analysis, finance and other management topics, and corporate management through its Management Development Programs. Over the past 5 years, the institute has developed expertise in design, development and implementation of both its own open-enrolment programs and in-house training programs.
Applied Research & Consultancy

The group provides a wide range of applied research and consultancy services. It has undertaken many assignments at national and international levels. It strives to make available its special expertise and knowledge in improving the functioning of the client enabling them to run their organizations efficiently, effectively and economically and provides them strategic directions. To attain best possible solution to a problem, it adopts cutting-edge approaches and employs a multidisciplinary team and best-practiced methodologies. It has so far conducted more than 50 high-end assignments in organizations of different type, nature, size and scale.
Research Publication

The institute brings out research publications to disseminate knowledge. “The Resource Economist” is published bi-annually in the interest of expanding the knowledge and practice of best-use of physical, financial and human resources among the members, students and corporate.


Learning for Leadership Workshops (2000 – Ongoing) – Supported by Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt of India from 2012
Industry integrated GLF Business Leadership Program (2009 – Ongoing)
Corporate PGDBA of Symbiosis (Pune) for the centres at IBM, Cognizant and Wipro (2003 – 2008)
PG-Diploma in Sales & Marketing (affiliated by London College of Management) – Serving as Eastern Regional Centre for the in-house programme for Marketing employees of Wockhardt Ltd. (2003 – 2008)
Business Leadership Conference on “Corporate Governance”, 19 Jan 2013 at Hyatt Regency Kolkata (Supported by Indian Institute of Corporate Governance, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. Of India)
Business Leadership Conference on “Strategy 2020: Steering the organization towards new frontiers”, 20 Aug 2011 at Hyatt Regency Kolkata (Supported by Department of Public Enterprises, Govt. Of India)
National Seminar on “CSR Best Practices”, 3-4 June 2011, IPE Hyderabad
DFID funded Capacity Building Program for the Elected Representatives and Municipal Staffs of Beldanga Municipality, 21-23 Dec 2010
Business Leadership Conference, 4-6 Dec 2010, Hotel Grand Seasons, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Business Leadership Conference, 28-30 Sept 2009, Hotel M, Singapore
Business Leadership Conference, 5-7 March 2009, Hotel Ramada D’MA Bangkok (Thailand)
Business Leadership Conference on “Leadership Transformation in Global Economy”, 17 Dec 2008, Hyatt Regency Kolkata
Business Leadership Conference on “The Future of Competition: Emerging Issues and Trends in Strategy”, 18 Dec 2008, Hyatt Kolkata
Business Leadership Conference on “Perspectives on Strategic Finance: Building competitive-edge out of global financial crisis”, 19 Dec 2008, Hyatt Regency Kolkata
National Seminar on Public Sector Management & Governance, 10 May 2008, Hyatt Regency
Business Leadership Conference on “Leadership in 21st Century: Challenges & Opportunities”, 5-6 Oct 2007, Tata Hall, IIMC.
Finance Conference on Integrated Risk Management, Jun 22-23 2007, Tata Hall – IIMC.
Business Leadership Conference on “Creating Excellence Through Strategy, Governance & Leadership”, 16-17 March 2007, IBA Campus, Bangalore & 13-14 March 2007, IBA Campus, Greater Noida (In association with Indian Business Academy)


Business Leadership Conference on “Strategy: Roads Ahead”, 9-10 March 2007, The Park Kolkata (supported by Indian Chamber of Commerce – ICC).
Business Leadership Conference on “Global Leadership Strategies for 21st Century”, 10-11 August 2006, ITC Sonar Bangla
Business Leadership Conference on “Leadership – The Global Perspective”, 20-21 Sept 2005, Tata Hall – IIM Calcutta
In-house MDP for the Officers of Institute of Chartered Accountant of India on “Team-building & Motivation – The panacea to all organizational sickness”, Hotel Golden Park, Kolkata 2004
Training on “Automated Clearing House” for the software development team of TCG-Ivega, Bengal Intelligent Park, 2004
MDP on “Man Mgt & Developing Human Capital For Business Excellence”, 22-23 Feb 2001 (supported by BNCCI).
MDP on “Treasury & Forex Management”, 18-19 Aug 2000 (supported by BNCCI).
MDP on “Finance & Cost Management For Non-Finance Executives”, 7-8 July 2000 (supported by BNCCI).
MDP on “Strategic Finance”, 10-11 March 2000 (supported by Bengal National Chamber of Commerce & Industry – BNCCI).


Andrew Yule (Public Sector, Kolkata, India): Study on paradigm change in management (1999)
Braithwaite (Public Sector, Kolkata, India): Study on Turnaround Strategy (1999)
La-Opala (Private Sector, Kolkata, India): Merger with Radha Glass (1998)
UshaComm (Private Sector, Kolkata, India): Due diligence study before ADR issue (2001)


Blue Star (Private Sector, ER – Kolkata, India): Management Audit (1996-97)
Infar (Private Sector, Kolkata, India): Inventory Management (1997),
Patton (Private Sector, Kolkata, India): Energy Study (2001), Cost Consultancy (2000)
RSI Limited (Private Sector, Gurgaon Plant, India): Inventory Management (1996)
Stone India (Private Sector, Kolkata, India): Productivity Improvement (2000)
TCG-Ivega (Private Sector, Kolkata, India): Provided domain knowledge on Automated Clearing House for US client (2004)
Usha Beltron (Private Sector, Kolkata, India): Study on Value Chain (1999)


Handled assignments of Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor (KUSP), Govt of WB for appraisal of Draft Development Plans (funded by DFID – UK Govt.) in following Municipalities in WB as Institutional and Financial Expert (2008 – 2010):
Mirik Municipality
Jangipur Municipality
Beldanga Municipality
Gangarampur Municipality
Chandrakona Municipality
Bankura Municipality
Katwa Municipality
Diamond Harbour Municipality
English Bazar Municipality
Kaliaganj Municipality
Bolpur Municipality
Darjeeling Municipality


Conducted Competition Success Review (CSR) B-School Survey in three consecutive years: 2006, 2007, and 2008.


The group has forged collaborative linkages with leading Chambers of Commerce and reputed organizations from cross-sections of the industry. Having such a wealth of organizations in network has strengthened its capacity in high-end academic programs, consultancy, and training as well as value-adding research projects. The group has external linkages with this following organizations and government agencies that has enabled this group to sharpen its skill in this development sector consulting, socio-economic surveys and capacity building programs for the government and semi-government organization, corporate consulting and training programs.

Department of Public Enterprise (DPE), Govt. of India
Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India
Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi
Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad (IPE)
CII – SNCEL, Confederation of Indian Industry, Kolkata
Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICE), Kolkata
Bupal National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BNCCI), Kolkata
ICRA Management Consulting Services (IMACS)