Learning Process

The learning process at GLF does not force the participants to mug only the curriculum and exam oriented learning, but facilitates to mentor, guide and make them think on the subject. Ordinary students of humble origin are exceptionally gifted. GLF kindles thinking abilities and inspire students to blossom by giving them fullest opportunities in all spheres of Management Education and placement.

The program involves a rigorous training which can be compared with a commando training. It organizes seminars, workshop, brainstorming session in time to time to keep the students abreast about the recent developments.


MBA at GLF is autonomous management degree program integrated with GLF Business Leadership Program. The term ‘Business’ here does not only refer to the economic activities that satisfy human wants, as it usually means, it is also extended in Business Leadership Program to all activities that meet other human needs beyond production and distribution of goods and services. ‘Business’ in our meaning widely covers commercial, political, bureaucratic, and social activities. All organizations engaged in government, semi-government, and other ‘non-profit’ sectors are as important as the commercial profit-making establishments. GLF management education emphasizes equally all these types of organizations to cater, thus has a range of social imperatives.

GLF believes that in order to succeed in India’s mission to achieve sustainable growth and competitiveness, the quality of leadership and human resource management will play a very significant role and is one of the key requirements for achieving business excellence. GLF serves as a catalyst to the development of leadership and thus promote economic and industrial growth in the region. GLF works in close cooperation with other Leadership Centres and has established partnerships with similar organizations / institutions globally for greater degree of achievements and attaining objectives.

Apart from the corporate sector, GLF also aims to offer MBA for Government officials including managers of State Undertakings and Institutions to meet their specific needs. Other focus-groups include the entrepreneurs, political leadership especially who are elected members of urban or rural local bodies, teachers, trainers, educational sectors, and NGOs.


Knowledge and understanding: The program develops knowledge and understanding of different facets of corporate management, legal framework, development of appropriate business policies and strategies to meet stakeholder needs within a changing environment.

Intellectual skills: The program develops the cognitive skills of critical thinking, analysis and synthesis, including the ability to identify assumptions, evaluate statements in terms of evidence, to detect false logic or reasoning, to identify implicit values, and to define terms adequately and to generalise appropriately as well as the ability to create, evaluate and access a range of options, together with the capacity to apply ideas and knowledge to a range of business and other situations.

Professional practical skills: The program develops the ability to apply business models to corporate problems and phenomena, self-awareness, openness and sensitivity to diversity in terms of people, cultures, business and management issues and the ability to conduct research into business and management issues, either individually or as part of a team, including a familiarity with a range of business data and research resources and appropriate methodologies, managerial and financial management capabilities.

Transferable (key) skills: The program develops the effective learning to learn and developing an appetite for reflective, adaptive and collaborative learning, the interpersonal skills for effective listening, negotiating, persuasion and presentation.


Business Innovation & Incubation Centre at GLF Business School provides technical, professional and infrastructural support to successfully commercialize business innovations of the entrepreneurs through their own business enterprises. It is a unique program that provides entrepreneurs with shared services, technical support services, access to financing, counselling, marketing contacts, and management assistance/ advices. The “Venture Lab” incubator aims to inspire, guide, and provide support to various innovators and acts as a catalyst to success of new ventures. The incubator will actively scout individual innovator who have the potential to convert innovations / ideas into viable product or service businesses but lacks the ability to identify their weaknesses in technical.