Biotechnology Management

MBA specialization in Biotechnology Management (BTM) at GLFBS is probably the only one of its kind course in India. Biotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field combining different sectors of Biological science with engineering technologies in order to provide better living to the mankind. In constant endeavour to improve the human lives and quality of environs, the application of biotechnology is the soul of biotechnology management. Biotechnology Management has emerged as one of the hottest career options from management discipline in the recent times all over the globe. It’s a scientific field where both knowledge of management and Biotechnology are required. Viewed as the new hope for knowledge development, Biotech industry has picked up pace in India as well as in the international arena. As this is a highly knowledge intensive field, India is expected to have a competitive advantage and leadership, something on the lines of IT revolution. In order to capitalize and exploit this growing field there is a great need for trained man power, both technological as well as managerial.

Importance of Course

Innovations in biotechnology are happening faster and becoming more sophisticated. To maintain competitiveness in this growing market, companies need professionals who:

  • understand the science behind biotechnology,
  • have the business skills needed to commercialize new products and services,
  • have ability to sell product or service and develop business,
  • have knowledge of regulatory issues for R&D and Production as well as Intellectual Property (IP) Laws.

The MBA specialization in Biotechnology Management at GLFBS provides the blending of Science and Business. The curriculum is project-based. The students will apply their classroom knowledge to real-world simulations and build a robust portfolio to showcase to future employers.

Salient Features

  • Merge science or technology knowledge with business skills such as marketing, customer development, analytics, and new business development to work effectively across the biotechnology ecosystem,
  • Master organizational leadership skills such as product, program, and project management,
  • Develop an understanding of the legal, regulatory, compliance, and ethical aspects of the field,
  • Skill development to manage the Biotech company or Biotech production house.

GLFBS Advantages

MBA with specialization in BTM at GLFBS is a unique program aiming to develop the leadership within the student to make him / her ready for the biotechnology industry. The subjects are four-folded combining: (1) fundamental papers to understand the business, commerce, economy, statistical analysis, computation, and law; (2) core management papers to learn functional management, managerial effectiveness, and decision making through applications of information technology; (3) elective papers on Biotechnology; and (4) advanced management papers to inculcate business leadership and the strategic role. The holistic approach helps to build all necessary skills that a student need to acquire to get the best career opportunity in the expanding field of biotech sector. The learning methods consists of classroom lectures, practical sessions, training programs, projects, internships. Facilities and resources shall enable our students to take the advantages of technology based learning.

Career Prospect

The biotechnology industry in India, comprising about 800 companies, is the 3rd largest in the Asia-Pacific region, and presents excellent career scopes in the near future. The biotechnology segment is the fastest growing segment in India. It is valued about $11.6 billion currently and it will touch the $100 billion mark by 2025 as per the forecast of the Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE). Furthermore, it is expected to grow at 30% growth rate every year. Bio-pharma is the largest sector of the total revenue followed by bio-services, bio-agri, bio-industry, and bio-informatics. Aspirants after MBA in Biotechnology degree can look forward for a great career ahead. They have a lot of job opportunities in various sectors of our country as well as abroad. They can enjoy a wide variety of job profiles in various areas in these sectors. They can enjoy very good remuneration as well. A lot of reputed firms are functioning in this area and it is considered as one of the emerging areas in the current era as well. A lot of talented aspirants are choosing this field as their career realizing the importance of this field in the current economy. The domain on which aspirants after doing MBA with specialization in Biotechnology Management can work is vast.

Recruitment across Sectors & Positions

The students can make their career in all the sectors emerging as boom in biotechnology industry in following positions:


  • Healthcare Sector, Medicine & Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Agro-based Industries, Food & Beverages
  • Animal Husbandry & Dairy Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Biofuel Sector
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Ecology & Soil Biology Sector
  • IT&ITES – Data Analytics, AI & Robotics


  • Patent Specialist
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  • Compliance Auditor
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Specialist

The College

GLF Business School (GLFBS) is an affiliated Post Graduate Management College (Code 217) since 2013 under the West Bengal State University. GLFBS offers management courses in a wide range of specializations both in functional management as well as industry aligned courses. GLFBS is pioneer in fostering Business Leadership model in Management education derived from our empirical research in five key areas: Innovative Leadership, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Sustainable Leadership, and Ethical Leadership. It has handled more than 100 high-end consulting and research assignments and trained more than 1000 employees of government as well as corporate sectors. GLFBS has established collaborative associations with Higher Education Institutes of high repute and partnerships with leading Industry bodies. GLFBS is ranked amongst a leading Higher Education institutions in India and awarded consistently as the Best B-School.

Awards & Recognitions

GLFBS has been recognized as one of the leading management colleges in India. GLFBS consistently own the Best B-School Awards in recognition for the excellence it strives thought leadership, academic excellence, learning innovation, applied research initiatives, using technology having social impact, and industry-academia interface.

GLFBS is the recipient of ASSOCHAM Best B-School Award 2017 & 2018, Technology Excellence Award For Social Impact 2018, The Innovative Institute Award 2018, Top–10 Business Analytics Institutions in India 2018 (Higher Education Review, Bangalore), Royal Excellence Award 2017: Best B-School.

Learning @ GLFBS

  • Integrated curriculum in Business Analytics.
  • Practical learning opportunity & hands-on training in industry.
  • Pertaining up-to-date knowledge in modern fields of management.
  • Understanding global dynamics of business.
  • Integration of knowledge of Management, Business, Legal & Government.
  • Creating corporate accountability.
  • Development of marketing skill in industry-specific business.
  • Financial Modelling & Reporting skill.
  • Developing skill in managing and developing human resources.
  • Managing projects and programs.
  • Fostering innovation and venture.

Eligibility & Selection

Bachelor / Master degree from a recognized university is eligible to apply for MBA course at GLFBS. Preference will be given to candidates with background in relevant fields. Selection is based on the marks obtained in last examination and performance of the candidate in Online Test followed by Group Discussion & Personal Interview.

How to apply

Please fill up Online Application Form and submit hard-copies / scanned-copies of all documents as per checklist to be emailed to you after submission of form along with Rs.1000 towards cost of form in cash / bank deposit to college account within seven days. (Click here to fill up the Online Admission Form)

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