MBA – Dual Specialization in Finance / Marketing / HR

MBA Dual Specialization allows students to gain knowledge in a variety of business disciplines. Students can usually choose dual specialization from accounting and finance, sales and marketing, and human resources. As this is a function specific course, the students after MBA have a wide option to join any industry in the respective functional area.

MBA - Real Estate Valuation & Management

MBA-REVM, probably the only one of its kind in India, prepares the students for assuming responsible position in Government and Semi-Government organizations, Banks, Insurance Companies, Municipalities, Municipal Corporations, Business Houses that have to deal with immovable property, industrial estate, commercial complex, housing estates etc. The course equips the students for empanelment with the Disinvestment Department of the Government, Life Insurance Corporations, General Insurance Companies, Banks, High Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals etc. who maintain their own panel of qualified Appraisers/Valuers for determination of market value of real property. MBA-REVM will prepare a student to be a leader in this industry. The students of MBA-REVM after successful completion of the course will be eligible for the Associate Membership of I.Esma which is recognized by Indian Banks’ Association and necessary to be a valuer of a Bank or Financial Institution in India.

MBA - Biotechnology Management

MBA-BTM at GLFBS, probably the only one of its kind course in India, is a two-year regular industry integrated Master Degree Program affiliated to the West Bengal State University. Biotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field combining different sectors of Biological science with engineering technologies in order to provide better living to the mankind. In constant endeavour to improve the lives of humans and quality of environs the application of biotechnology to biological science is the soul of biotechnology management. Biotechnology Management has emerged as one of the hottest career options from management discipline in the recent times. It’s a scientific field where both knowledge of management and Biotechnology are required. Viewed as the new hope for knowledge development, bio-tech industry has picked up pace in India as well as in the international arena. As this is a highly knowledge intensive field, India is expected to have a competitive advantage and leadership, something on the lines of IT revolution. In order to capitalize and exploit this growing field there is a great need for trained man power, both technological as well as managerial. MBA-BTM at GLFBS is focussed to create industry leaders in this arena by integrating knowledge and skill in both of these two spheres – technological and managerial.

MBA – Financial Services Management

MBA-FSM provides high potentials from the banking, insurance and investment industry with a unique program ad-dressing the challenges faced by financial services managers. MBA-FS combines management insights with hands-on business experience and allow students to upgrade management skills and insights into the financial services industry.

MBA – Logistics, Retail & Supply Chain Management

MBA-LSCM covers a wide spectrum of topics including supply chain and its network design, transportation management, warehousing, strategic sourcing, performance-based logistics, constraints management, and demand management.

MBA – Pharmaceutical Business Management

MBA-PBM is ideal for the students who are interested in entering a rapidly growing field of Pharmaceutical business. A vital part of the thriving global economy, the pharmaceutical industry offers a wide array of career opportunities. MBA-PBM will prepare a student to be a leader in this industry. The course is designed to give students the tools to succeed in the constantly expanding and changing pharmaceutical industry.

MBA – Healthcare Services & Hospital Management

This is an exciting time for healthcare sector. There is a remarkable growth in the healthcare sector in India. The field is changing in terms of how and where care is delivered, who is providing those services, and how that care is financed. Our MBA-HSHM aims at preparing talented employee to manage the changes taking place. This course will help the students to have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to healthcare sector.

MBA – Corporate Law

MBA Corporate Law is growing in importance, as it is important for business leaders, managers and consultants to have in-depth understanding of corporate law. It is a unique pro-gram that combines legal knowledge with the business in-sights and traditional as well as contemporary issues. In our MBA-CL, students shall have opportunity to learn the legal aspects of industrial and HR related laws, business and finan-cial laws including cyber law, environment protection law and consumer protection law.

MBA – Business Intelligence & Analytics

In today's high-tech economy there is an increasing demand for well-qualified individuals in the field of business intelligence analytics to effectively oversee and evaluate the growing volume of available data to drive company strategy for-ward and ensure a competitive advantage. Job openings in this highly specialized field are expected to grow in future. Our MBA-BIA prepares graduates to take on careers in this growing field with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage, oversee and evaluate analytics tools with a special emphasis on real-world applications. Our MBA-BIA provides the knowledge and expertise a candidate need to be a leader in this evolving career field.

MBA – Communication, Advertising & Media Management

Business and industry recognize the importance of communi-cations and media. Communication / media professionals recognize the importance of good business practices. MBA-CAMM is designed to meet these two gaps and provides knowledge and skills to solve communication problems in the workplace, use media including digital media to transform existing business, reach out to media and clientele, and man-age corporate images.

MBA – Global Business Management

MBA-GBM prepares you for a career in international business leadership. Business is increasingly conducted within a global framework. Key areas of focus include: International market-ing, International supply chain management International finance, Cross-cultural aspects. The learning approach fosters student success promoting accountability, responsible risk taking, and collaboration.